Marc Comas-Cufí

Tenure-eligible lecturer in Statistics

Universitat de Girona

I am a member of the research group in Statistics and Compositional Data Analysis at the University of Girona. I enjoy programming and learning how to use new programming languages. For example, I program in R/Python for statistical tasks and data management, Java for GUI development and JavaScript when web programming is required. In the past, I have used C/C++, Fortran, Visual Basic (and VBA), Stata, Matlab, Maple and Lisp. I have good notions of most common markup languages: html, LaTeX or Markdown for documents and xml or json for data structures. In my daily work, I usually work with open-source software. Nowadays, the programs I use the most are RStudio, GNU Make and Git.


  • Multivariate Count Data analysis
  • Compositional Data modeling
  • Clustering methods
  • Competing Risk analysis
  • Causal inference
  • Survival analysis


  • PhD in Compositional Data Analysis, 2018

    Universitat de Girona

  • Master in High School Teaching, 2010

    Universitat de Girona

  • Master Thesis in Computer Science, 2007

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • Master in Financial Engineering "Matemàtiques per als Instruments Financers", 2005

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Centre de Recerca Matemàtica

  • Degree in Mathematics, 2003

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Recent Publications



Clustering count data using compositional methods

SEIO 2022

Método composicional para la agrupación paramétrica de datos de conteo multivariantes

IFCS 2019

A log-ratio approach to cluster analysis of count data when the total is irrelevant


A compositional approach to the generalised propensity score


Could logratio methods be useful to analise the generalized propensity score?


  • Campus Montilivi, P-IV Building, Office 255
    17071 Girona
  • Enter building P-IV and take the stairs to office 255 on last floor
  • Telegram Me